The Testing Process For Weee Tracking System

TUBISAD WEEE Compliance Scheme has been awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 21.08.2015. TYK ATS (TUBISAD Compliance Scheme Waste Tracking System) has been established to manage WEEE operations under a platform. 

TYK ATS is a system which provides the highest level of security that manufacturers, facilities, municipalities and citizens having obligations under the WEEE regulations. In order to operate the system properly and more efficiently, we have initiated the testing process which continued until 9 September 2016. At the end of the period, the system and all entered data was reset automatically.

To reach the system, click “TYK giriş”. In order to login the system, all users have to register. After login the system, stakeholders can download “Instructions for use”.

Producers can send offer to reach their collecting targets in WEEE regulation by declaring their products put on the market via the system. Once the agreement is agreed, they will be able to upload their contracts to the system and create a demand when they wish to receive their waste.

Logistics Companies will be able to introduce documents related to their vehicles and drivers. Recycling firms also accept the acceptance of waste requests and login to the system. Furthermore, they will allow the completion of the manufacturer-carrier-facility waste process.

Our citizens in all the municipalities we serve are able to request for collecting waste by being a member of the system. Municipal authorities can also request waste by entering the system; they can take the reports of the studies thru the system.

All the certifications (UATF filling, Dispatches, Invoices, Waste Inventory Tables, etc.) that we have carried out, are placed in the system.

In line with this information, we would like all our stakeholders to participate in the system by entering the system.

Please don’t hesitate to ask, if there is any mistake or deficiency about the system


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