Zero Waste Projects

Zero waste is a concept of waste management policy based on the effective usage of natural resources, preventing or minimizing waste, collecting waste at source and recycling them in case of occurrence of waste. 

In recent years, studies on zero waste have gained popularity around the world.

Advantages of implementing zero-waste concept;

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improvement in performance by clean environment
  • Decreasing cost
  • Preventing environmental risks
  • Creating “sensitive consumer” from employees by raising the awareness about environmental protection in companies
  • Increasing corporate value and reputation by providing that company has ‘environmentalist’ character in national and international market.

Seminars for encouraging zero landfilling are held by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in different cities of Turkey. The purpose of this project is to control the amount of waste, to leave cleaner, improved and livable Turkey to next generations.

 In this chain of seminar,  presentations on “Zero Waste” by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was made. Brochures and information about WEEE and recycling were given to those coming to TYK stand.

In this regard, seminars in various cities are as following:


DAte Place
08.05.2018 Rize
09.03.2018 Denizli
26.03.2018 Sancaktepe
18.01.2018 Kadıköy
6.04.2018 Gaziantep
21.06.2018 Aydın
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